Developing products

Pharmaserve NW has the expertise, knowledge and capability to develop a range of dosage forms, with both laboratory scale and pilot scale facilities. Our flexible approach means we can offer a solution whatever your requirements, offering the right support to meet your needs on aspects including method development and validation, batch manufacturing, product characterisation and stability studies.

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Our highly knowledgeable product development teams work with you to add value to your project at every stage, offering regulatory support and expertise in process engineering. See below for details of our capabilities at each stage.

Formulation Development

The process of reviewing and selecting appropriate excipients and components to generate formulations that meet the target product profile.

Analytical Methodology

Development and validation of stability-indicating analytical methods to adequately quantify various aspects of drug products.

Brand Characterisation

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of brand leader products to enable development of the generic product.

Process Development

Development of the manufacturing and filling process including definition of critical control parameters.

Pivotal Batch Manufacture

The generation of three batches of drug product that will be utilised to generate registration stability data and product characterisation studies and will be the formal batches for licence submission.

Full Scale Stability

Formal studies to assess the stability of the drug product. This data will be utilised to allocate the product expiration date and also dictate storage conditions.

Clinical Supplies

Production of drug product for use in human clinical trials. Pharmaserve NW holds the MIA (IMP) licence required for production of this type of batch.

Product Characterisation

Specific studies conducted to fully characterise the drug product. These studies assess areas such as required priming, cleaning requirements, robustness of the product, effect of resting and effect of temperature amongst others.

Regulatory Submission

Submission of the Common Technical Dossier to the relevant regulatory authority associated with the ultimate market for the product, for example MHRA (UK), FDA (US).